#AgileTeams succeed by focusing on conti

#AgileTeams succeed by focusing on continuous improvement & collaborative learning w/ transparency #agile #scrum https://youtu.be/8x392j7u9l0

My ‘Agile PMO’ Manifesto

We are supporting better ways of delivering solutions to our organization and stakeholders, by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: Facilitation and Empowerment OVER Command-and-Control Iterative Delivery and Empiricism OVER Big Documentation Up-Front (BDUF), Gantt Charts & Milestones Enterprise Collaboration OVER Hierarchy and Resource Management Transparency … Continue reading

InfoQ article on our Agile Scaling Knowledgebase (ASK)

I was recently interviewed, along with Steve Spearman (@sgspearman), about our efforts to provide a valuable resource to the Agile community to compare scaling approaches. The interview article can be found at – http://www.infoq.com/news/2014/07/compare-agile-scaling

Spotify engineering culture (part 1)

Another great visualization and overview from Henrik Kniberg.  Spotify engineering culture (part 1).  This one is on the engineering culture at Spotify.  Culture trumps process and this is a really good primer on how to grow and scale IF your culture is right.

Smart Scaling: Finding the right approach for your organization.

I recently participated in the Scrum Alliance 2013 Scrum Coach Retreat. I chose to work with a group that wanted to explore the topic of “How are scaling frameworks affecting coaching?” since the topic of scaling and scaling frameworks has become more prevalent of late. The group quickly decided that the question was not “how … Continue reading

Responding to the Skeptics

As an Agile Coach, I am predominately focusing on introducing Agile to organizations and teams for the first time.  As such, I am constantly confronted with the skeptics who say things like, “Agile won’t work here” “We can’t ‘do’ Agile for this project” “We will never be ‘totally Agile’, we just want to use it … Continue reading

Modern Government

Great article and insights on Agile for Government – an often ignored and/or misunderstood area in real need of agile and lean transformation. Modern Government.  http://moderngovt.com/issue/mg-may-june-2013/

Focusing on the Customer

Agile emphasizes (among other things) focusing on the customer, right? So, why are so many agile teams still ignoring them? Agile is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for the majority of IT projects.  However, most business divisions and customer-facing organizations still don’t know what agile is, or what it means to their organization.  Agile … Continue reading

Agile Activities Guidance Chart

In the spirit of inspect and adapt, I have updated the Agile Activities Guidance Chart based on feedback from multiple teams and peers – Agile Activities Guidance Chart Original Post 4/6/12 – Here is a simple chart, of the 7 basic agile processes, as a reminder for newer agile teams.