Lessons Learned from the early stages of an agile adoption project

We all know most of these inherently, through our past experiences.  Yes, we’ve learned them before. Unfortunately, when you’re neck deep kicking off a new Agile initiative, trying to communicate a lot of new information and deal with a plethora of questions and resistance, it’s all too easy to forget a few of these well-known, … Continue reading

10 simple “stealth” ways to introduce Agile concepts to your ERP or COTS teams

Disclaimer – I wholeheartedly recommend an open, fully sponsored and supported approach for Agile and Change initiatives to succeed.  However, in the absence of that and if your corporate culture and environment are conducive to some experimentation and exploration, this may offer some inspiration… So you work in a traditional ERP shop — waterfall lifecycle … Continue reading

Agile resistance – keep calm and carry on

I recently came across a reference to this image/phrase in an online article on the current state of the economy and financial markets.  The image is from an old British poster from World War II — the text was intended to raise morale in the event of a German invasion.  The author of the online … Continue reading