Link to my agile42 blog post: Backlog Refinement – The Rodney Dangerfield of Scrum Ceremonies  

Modern Government

Great article and insights on Agile for Government – an often ignored and/or misunderstood area in real need of agile and lean transformation. Modern Government.

Focusing on the Customer

Agile emphasizes (among other things) focusing on the customer, right? So, why are so many agile teams still ignoring them? Agile is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for the majority of IT projects.  However, most business divisions and customer-facing organizations still don’t know what agile is, or what it means to their organization.  Agile … Continue reading

Agile Activities Guidance Chart

In the spirit of inspect and adapt, I have updated the Agile Activities Guidance Chart based on feedback from multiple teams and peers – Agile Activities Guidance Chart Original Post 4/6/12 – Here is a simple chart, of the 7 basic agile processes, as a reminder for newer agile teams.

10 simple “stealth” ways to introduce Agile concepts to your ERP or COTS teams

Disclaimer – I wholeheartedly recommend an open, fully sponsored and supported approach for Agile and Change initiatives to succeed.  However, in the absence of that and if your corporate culture and environment are conducive to some experimentation and exploration, this may offer some inspiration… So you work in a traditional ERP shop — waterfall lifecycle … Continue reading