Responding to the Skeptics

As an Agile Coach, I am predominately focusing on introducing Agile to organizations and teams for the first time.  As such, I am constantly confronted with the skeptics who say things like, “Agile won’t work here” “We can’t ‘do’ Agile for this project” “We will never be ‘totally Agile’, we just want to use it … Continue reading

Modern Government

Great article and insights on Agile for Government – an often ignored and/or misunderstood area in real need of agile and lean transformation. Modern Government.

Lessons Learned from the early stages of an agile adoption project

We all know most of these inherently, through our past experiences.  Yes, we’ve learned them before. Unfortunately, when you’re neck deep kicking off a new Agile initiative, trying to communicate a lot of new information and deal with a plethora of questions and resistance, it’s all too easy to forget a few of these well-known, … Continue reading