Transformation Case Study

TAP_iStock_CaseStudy_Medium-croppedTransforming a mature, yet stagnant, financial services organization into an industry-leader with business-focused technology and an agile methodology.

A housing and financial services organization turned to us when they were struggling to adapt legacy technology to changing business needs. This engagement is an excellent example of how we can help an organization succeed in implementing radically different technology while leveraging agile to transform the organization into an efficient operation that drives value through quality of service.

Our first Objective was to take their residential mortgage division that was struggling with an out-dated, text-based legacy system to an intuitive, process-oriented, web and windows-based application architecture that provides easy access to data and encourages collaboration.

The Challenges included user skepticism formed by past failures, cultural resistance based on legacy technology, poor business process understanding and controls, as well as the technical complexities of building an SOA-based system from scratch.

Create a framework, based on a sound technical architecture and agile methodology, to successfully deliver complex custom software that drives organizational change, focusing on people, process and technology.

This model incorporates an iterative, scrum-like*, agile methodology to deliver best practices in organizational change management, business process improvement and cutting-edge technical architecture.

Key Model components include:

1.) Manage Organizational Change

  • Addressing the polarization of Business, IT and Executive perspectives and objectives
  • Encouraging business user ownership to overcome skepticism and apathy
  • Addressing organizational, as well as individual end-user, challenges
  • Iterative, agile approach to encourage early adoption, responding to change and user-acceptance

2.) Business Process Engineering

  • Business Process Evaluation to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Human Factors and Technology tools focused on process efficiency
  • Addressing internal as well as inter-departmental and external constraints
  • Integrated Workflow Management solution to facilitate productivity

3.) Technical Architecture

  • Services Oriented Architecture to support agile development
  • Enterprise Services Bus to integrate (decoupled) systems
  • Maintaining business-focused drivers to technology solutions
  • Generic Third-Party Tools to accelerate delivery and reduce cost

In a climate of constant change, shrinking margins, and skepticism toward technology, complex custom software projects can succeed with agile (and smart, dedicated people).

The Result is an ‘Organizational Architecture’ that not only supports the specific needs of the critical business operations, but that also provides a framework to effectively integrate all line of business applications across a common platform, providing enterprise-wide visibility to processes and information.  Further, the on-going adoption of an Agile Methodology has permeated the entire organization to be applied to non-technical projects, independent of IT.

Subsequent project Successes include extending the model to integrate Commercial Lending and Asset Management applications, creation of a custom Corporate Debt and Investment Management application enabling the client to gain better control and decision making for its $4 billion securities portfolio, as well as the delivery of critical Business Transformation initiatives allowing the client to redefine its business processes and introduce new line-of-business channels.

The client is able to continue to expand its services, focusing on their customers, brand awareness and quality of service, which are core tenants of its charter and mission.

Their IT Director was kind enough to provide me with both a company and personal recommendation:

“TAP has delivered where others have failed. They provide superior subject matter expertise and methodology, helping us to successfully meet our most critical business and technology initiatives.  They are a proven, trusted partner.” 

“Richard has worked on multiple technology projects for me and has consistently delivered strong results. In particular Richard takes an iterative/process focused approach to designing and delivering technology projects. He served as a functional architect and understands all aspects of the financial industry. I highly recommend Richard.”

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